Balancing short and long term interests and integrating economic, environmental and social considerations into business decision-making.

As we and our customers understand more about sustainable development, we’re finding that, in fact, it offers a key to future prosperity. Exceptional quality service increasingly needs to address both customers’ functional needs and their concerns about the environment and social responsibility.

We’re working closely with our customers to meet these needs: Our core planned maintenance service is based on ensuring that equipment is operating efficiently and for its whole lifecycle. This minimises environmental impact and reduces health and safety risks.

We’ve instigated energy and cost saving lighting projects for many of our customers. This has involved replacing and updating the lighting within buildings, introducing intelligent lighting control systems and replacing and updating street lighting. Monitoring and analysing results from the controls in building management systems has reduced energy consumption.

Resulting changes to plant operational times have brought energy and cost savings to a range of customers. We’re undertaking more and more major works to reduce environmental impacts which do not have a short-term cost benefit to customers.

We’ve installed our first wind turbine, and are regularly replacing plant equipment early on environmental grounds. We’re carrying out many more waste reduction projects at customer sites.

Here, the introduction of ‘Airblade’ hand dryers significantly reduce energy usage and remove the need for hand towels. Whilst ‘Ecocubes’ enable waterless urinals and the elimination of harmful chemicals