We continuously try to improve the ways in which we contribute directly and indirectly to the general well-being of the communities within which we work.

We carefully monitor our staff population to check that our recruitment and retention policies are ensuring our staff reflects the community in which they work, wherever possible. We actively advertise for jobs using the local press and working with community groups to recruit local people.

Working with organisations such as ELBA (East London Business Alliance) we support individuals from all walks of life get jobs and have meaningful and fulfilling work. With ELBA we specifically look at how we can support individuals from East London and Docklands.

We offer work experience to young people wanting to get an understanding of the work environment, which spans from one day to one month and actively seek apprentices from the communities they will be working in.

Many of our staff is actively involvedĀ in community projects often in partnership with our customers, which we support both financially and by offering time off work. We have worked with 'LionHeart' since 2008 and part of our commitment is to allow our managers to take time away from work to support local children at school.

They offer coaching, support and guidance to children from 11 years of age at schools across the UK and many of our managers have supported this for several years. It's a good way for our people, either individually or in teams, to connect with customers in their local community, to learn new skills, and to enjoy the positive benefits of 'making a difference'.

In addition, the majority of our direct cash donations go to long-term community investment projects although we also make donations in response to local needs.